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The Translation Assistant: An Introduction

Do you have a translation that you would like to submit for use on this website? This tool will allow you to do just that.

Please note, however, that translations submitted to this website will be reviewed before they are posted; so you may need to return to this website after a few days before you will be able to verify that your translation has been posted. Submitting a translation also does not guarantee that the translation will ever be posted, all submitted translations are subject to editorial revision, and, by submitting the translation, you waive any copyright or other claim you may have related to such translation.

To begin using the tool, simply click a letter button from the grid in the top right of this webpage. The tool will step you through the rest of the process.

Hopefully the entire process will prove to be fairly intuitive. If, however, you experience a problem with using the tool or have a question about the tool, please do not hesitate to email us with a description of the problem or question.

Step 1: Select or Enter a Word

Either select a word from the list to the left or type in a word in the box below, then click the Continue button.

Selected word:

Step 2: Select Translations for Each Letter

In the table to the left, select a translation for each of the letters in the word. Then click the Continue button. Note that you will have an opportunity to edit the translation later.

Resulting Translation:

Step 3: Review and Submit

Edit the translation and comments below. When you are done, click the Send button below.



Thank you for your submission. Your translation has been received.