Olin and the Bible
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Concerning the destruction of their world as they knew it...

I shall explain everything in layman's terms.

Our sun, from what I can tell, is part of a binary solar system. It has a twin, which I shall call Didymus. Our Sun and Didymus have revolved around each other for billions of years. The orbit of the Sun around Didymus, however, is not circular: it is elliptical. It is elliptical because of the presence of the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, which has been tugging on the binary system over those billions of years. The orbit of the Sun around Didymus takes roughly 1,872,000 days, which is equal to 13 times 144,000 and which the Mayan's referred to as the "long count". It is after that period of time that our Sun reaches periapsis with respect to Didymus. It is also the date when the Sun, Didymus and the galactic center align.

I believe the reason the Sun is now getting hotter may very well be because it is approaching its periapsis with Didymus. As it approaches its twin, the Sun gets compressed, and the compression of the Sun makes it begin to glow hotter. This cyclic change in the Sun's heat output potentially explains why the Sahara became a desert in the centuries immediately preceding the end of the last long count.2

Like the ancients, many people today point to human actions as the reason why the Earth is getting hotter. The ancient Aztecs killed people to placate the angry gods they believe were bringing them suffering. The flood of Noah was also blamed on the people, who were said to be evil in the sight of the Lord. However, the truth may well be that it was the steady progress of the cosmic clock that caused many of the problems they were experiencing. The prophets of old shouted in the streets that it was Man's wicked ways that was leading to his suffering; and while, in some cases the prophets may have been right, they were perhaps quite wrong when it came to the effects of the cosmic clock.

Now for those who are wondering which star in the sky is Didymus, the answer is that it is a star you cannot see. That is because it is a black hole.

Today we all know a lot more about black holes than we did in Galileo's time. One of the things we know is that a black hole basically sucks everything, including light, into it. However, while mass and light are sucked into it, the black hole also has two, polar (i.e., dipolar) ejection points where it spews out intense, highly focused radiation. Like the bipolar system it is a member of, when our cosmic clock strikes 13, it is quite possible that the black hole I call Didymus also will be aligned with the gallactic center. But its alignment may be perhaps along its axis of rotation, which I fear also happens to be the axis along which the radiation jets spew out their radiation. Thus, at 13 o'clock according to our solar system's clock, one of the radiation jets emitted by Didymus may very possibly be pointing directly at our nicely positioned solar system.

That I believe is perhaps why Jupiter may ultimately prove to be Earth's savior. It appears that in early December 2012, just prior to the 21st when the cosmic clock strikes 13, Jupiter, Earth, the Sun and perhaps Didymus will all align. And if the Earth is aligned precisely behind Jupiter, it may be spared the effects of the radiation jet emitted by Didymus. In fact, not only may we be saved from the effects of Didymus, we may even witness a remarkable sight as Jupiter evinces a halo as it is struck by the radiation jet eminating from Didymus.

If I am right, much of man's curious religious and astrological fixations may very well be attributable to the long count of our cosmic clock. It may explain why the pyramids were built of stone. It may explain why the Mayan's knew of the long count and fixated on the idea that history repeats itself; precisely because, in a very real way, it does. It may explain the vision of Enoch3 of a place of destruction that would be known as Abaddon and Sheol. It may explain why approximately 2000 years ago (at roughly the midpoint of this Baktun), a savior was born, whose symbol was Jupiter, the planet of the supreme God, which was also known as Jove (pronounced as "yahway" for those who know the correct pronunciation). And it may even explain why, in the 17th century, a man named Galileo Galilei looked up at the God planet and saw what could easily be described as "four disciples worshiping it" that would come to be known as the Galilean moons.

The voices of the ages may be crying out to us. It may be that we are being warned. This stuff I am describing may not be complete nonsense; rather, it may in fact be what all the "nonsense" is all about.

I believe that the hour may very well be upon us. If it is, it began approximately 144000 days ago in the year 1617, at the start of the current Baktun, when Galileo turned 53. And if I am right, after the last of the 144000 days of this Baktun passes, the cosmic clock will strike 13 and Didymus, the twin sun, may eventually be revealed through the glory of Jupiter.

1 The other point when the Sun and Didymus align with the galactic center is when the Sun is a t apoapsis, the point where the Sun is at its furthest from Didymus.
2 The desertification of the Sahara occurred in the centuries (from 3400 BCE to 3200 BCE) that preceded the last periapsis. Prior to that time, the Sahara had been a savannah.
3 Enoch is believed to have been born around in 3138 BCE. He would have been 24 years old in 3114 BCE, the end of the last long count. Note that, according to legend, Narmer, the first Pharoah of Egypt was born at about the same time as Enoch. In 3102 BCE, 12 years after the end of the last long count, the Kali Yuga (the dark and final age, when Krishna returned to his eternal abode and heroes fled to the mountains) of Hindu tradition began. It was around that time that megalythic structures began to be built all around the world, and roughly 500 years later, the Great Pyramid of Giza would be completed.